“Martin paints a masterful portrait … both a fun read and loaded with historical context … a home run” — Business Week Online  Read Full Review

“Martin is an able and agile researcher and writer … Though Martin is clearly respectful, if not admiring of Greenspan, he doesn’t shirk from his responsibility to leave nothing uncovered, for which the reader clearly benefits.” – Miami Herald  Read Full Review

“Fascinating and fun to read.” — Christian Science Monitor  Read Full Review

“A delightful account of [Greenspan’s] personal and professional journey from nerdy, swing-band clarinet player to revered Federal Reserve chairman … fascinating.” — New York Times

“Engrossing. Reading Justin Martin’s Greenspan is like watching a director’s cut of your favorite movie…a truly admirable job.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Justin Martin lifts the mystery surrounding the genius and offers an intimate biography of one of the most influential men of our time.” — New York Post

“Excellent” — Vanity Fair

“Martin amasses a welter of little-known details to construct a fascinating vita.” — Washington Post Book World

“Martin paints a vivid picture … with his substantial research, Martin humanizes the Sphinx-like Greenspan.” — Baltimore Sun

“The best and most thorough portrait of Greenspan to date…Martin pushes aside the drapery and offers a glimpse of the quiet mastermind…it makes for a revealing story.” — Rocky Mountain News