Walking through Central Park today, after last night’s storm, and tall trees are down everywhere. Apparently, this was some kind of freak meteorological event — super localized, super strong winds.  Most of the damage was confined to the Northwest quadrant of the park. 

And was there ever damage! I don’t believe that any of the trees that fell were original Olmsted plantings. The few of those that remain are in the southern part of the park, which was strangely untouched by the storm. Still, some of the trees that were blown over have got to be 100+ years old. Tough to see. You’re talking about trees that have outlasted F. Scott Fitzerald, Billie Holliday, and Joe DiMaggiio; been around for rumbleseats, pompadours, and Cabbage Patch dolls; seen the advent of radio, television … and the internet.